SSI Trademark

What is the SSI Trademark?

Smart Systems Integrated® is a Collective European Union Trademark, according to Council Regulation (EC) no.207/2009. It is valid for ten years and may be renewed. It has been registered by the EPoSS Association which has been its owner since 2017.

Smart Systems Integrated® concerns Smart Systems Technologies or innovative products integrating Smart Systems (Smart Systems Products) updated according to the EPoSS SRA.

Your Advantages

The SSI Trademark:

  • gives visibility to your products enabled by Smart Systems Integration,
  • provides an “Advanced Quality” standard check for outstanding features of your products,
  • increases the perceived value of your Smart Systems technologies: highly reliable, robust, advanced and with high market value.

You can apply the SSI Trademark to your product or prototype here

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Smart Systems Integrated® showcase

Would you like to get some further information about Smart Systems Integrated® products and their companies? Do you want to discover the smart action launched by EPoSS and Mesap Innovation Cluster? Please visit the website dedicated to the SSI Trademark products showcase.

Novasis Innovazione Srl for Smart Systems Integrated®

Eurofork Srl for Smart Systems Integrated®

Adgenera Srl for Smart Systems Integrated®

SKF Industrie SpA for Smart Systems Integrated®

Orchestra Srl for Smart Systems Integrated®

Owner of the trademark: EPoSS | Organising body of the trademark: Mesap