Infoday: IoT-01-2016: Large Scale Pilots Pilot 5: Autonomous vehicles in a connected environment


European Commission, Madou building, Place Madou, 1, 1210 Brussels, Belgium

Bringing the best of Autonomous driving and IoT together for a real step forward in automated driving in Europe! The infoday will take place in Brussels, 3 December 2015.

The European Commission has launched a call for Large scale Pilot (up to 20M€) in "Autonomous vehicles in a connected environment" in the context of a call on the Internet of Things (excerpt from the workprogramme text below – full information on workprogramme - page 94).

Pilot 5: Autonomous vehicles in a connected environment

The pilot addresses the added value and the potential of applying IoT for autonomous vehicles in a connected environment.
It should test scenarios of deployment of safe and highly and fully autonomous vehicles (up to SAE38 international level 5, full automation) in various representative use case scenarios, exploiting local and distributed information and intelligence. Core technologies include reliable and real-time platforms managing mixed criticality car services, advanced sensors and Internet information sources around which value-added apps may be constructed, efficient navigation and improved decision-making technology, interconnectivity between vehicles, vehicle to infrastructure communication. Using advanced technologies for connectivity is seen as an asset. The selected scenarios will provide proofs of concept showing how such technology provides benefits affecting users on a daily basis, for instance on the highways or in urban congested environment, either on dedicated lanes or mixing autonomous connected vehicles and legacy vehicles. To make a real step towards future large scale deployment and to demonstrate dependability, robustness and resilience of the technology over longer period of time and under a large variety of conditions, priority will be given to permanent installations and sustainable pilots rather than to temporary prototypes or demonstrators.

These evolutions are expected to be supported by an open service platform which may have access to all in vehicle embedded information sources and to car surrounding information, in view of providing value-added apps e.g. intelligent maintenance. Key barriers to the deployment of such vehicles and ecosystems such as robustness of the perception, how to keep users of highly and fully automated vehicles sufficiently engaged and overall user acceptance are in scope, as well as economic, ethical, legal and regulatory issues.

More Information, Programme and Registration

More information, a draft agenda and a registration form are available >>here.

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