European Robotics Forum 2015

EU Robotics 2015



The event take will place in Vienna, 11-13 March 2015.

This 3-day event, from March 11-13, 2015, is a meeting point for at least 350 scientists, companies and robotics officials from the European Commission. The program is designed to provide an opportunity for the companies and researchers to meet and interact in workshops and seminars in order to expand their networks, gather the latest relevant information, and build new business and collaborations thereby strengthening the potential of European robotics.

The Programme Committee for ERF 2015 solicits suggestions for Workshops and Sessions (deadline 15 Nov. 2014). It also indicates that European Robotics Forum is a networking event which should allow ample room for discussions. Topic Groups working within the SPARC initiative are asked to use the same form.

 If you are:

  •  Working in basic research, applied research, or in a company using robots, or producing robots or any robotics technologies including autonomous and cognitive systems which are considered for transportation, health, and many other applications.
  • A public or private investor in robotics R&D, or considering expanding your existing range of products and services into robotics.
  • A stakeholder in regional, national, or European investments, technology transfer, to support strategic decisions in favour of the enormous economic potential for robotics expected within the next 10 years.
  • You should definitely consider to attend the major annual robotics networking event organised by euRobotics AISBL, in 2015 to be held in Vienna, Austria.

You will have the opportunity:

  • To identify the potential of robotics applications for business, creation of jobs, and meeting societal needs.
  • To learn about the state of the art and most recent breakthroughs in applications (from agricultural robots to health services).
  • To learn about new robotic business potentials, including those through the establishment of spin-offs.
  • To get to know ongoing initiatives in robotics within Europe.
  • To listen to the European Commission´s opinion about European robotics.
  • To voice your opinion to influence decision makers and strengthen the collaboration between all stakeholders in the robotics community.