European MEMS Summit 2015: Sensing the Planet, MEMS for Life


Milan, Italy

The event will take place in Milan, 17-18 September 2015.

The European MEMS Summit was born from a need expressed by the industry to have a high-level event platform to present ideas and exchange viewpoints on MEMS technologies, manufacturing and business challenges. SEMI, already active in MEMS and with a proven track record in microelectronics, has answered this need by reinforcing its dedication to MEMS and by launching a new flagship event to focus on MEMS: the European MEMS Summit.

European MEMS 2015

Because MEMS are in our future.       

  With the increased use of MEMS devices in a diverse and growing list of products – telephones, cars, wearables, etc. – the development of MEMS technology has become critical to the evolution of microelectronics products. The European MEMS Summit 2015 will offer exciting opportunities to learn about the most recent advances in the technology from the world’s leading experts in the domain.

Featuring:  Keynote and invited speakers - Leading International Experts in MEMS - Industry Exhibition      

Because the market and the technology are intrinsically linked.  

  Considerable growth in the use of MEMS technology has had a significant impact on the microelectronics industry world-wide. In addition to top MEMS technologists, the European MEMS Summit 2015 will host numerous market experts to speak about cost models, business strategies and market outlooks.
Featuring: Talks by invited Business Analysts - Stimulating Panel Discussions     

Because face to face gets it done. 

  With the top MEMS producers located in Europe, Milan is a fitting location to bring international experts and industry executives together to meet and network. The event will offer numerous opportunities for attendees to meet one another and further their business interests.
Featuring: Networking Cocktail Hour - Gala Dinner - Exhibition meeting space