ESWEEK 2015: Embedded Systems Week


Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The event will take place in Amsterdam, 4-9 October 2015.

Embedded Systems Week (ESWEEK) is the premier event covering all aspects of embedded systems and software. By bringing together three leading conferences (CASES, CODES+ISSS, and EMSOFT), three symposia (ESTIMedia, IoT, and RSP) and several workshops and tutorials, ESWeek allows attendees to benefit from a wide range of topics covering the state of the art in embedded systems research and development.


One registration, three conferences

Registered attendees will be allowed to attend sessions in the other conference and tutorials for free: CASES 2015, CODES+ISSS 2015, and EMSOFT 2015. Please note that symposia and workshops may require separate registration.


International Conference on Compilers, Architecture, and Synthesis for Embedded Systems International Conference on Hardware/Software Codesign and System Synthesis International Conference on Embedded Software



  • CyPhy: Fifth Workshop on Design, Modeling and Evaluation of Cyber Physical Systems
  • WESE: 2015 Workshop on Embedded and Cyber-Physical Systems Education
  • WESS: 10th Workshop on Embedded Systems Security
  • EWiLi: The 5th Embedded Operating Systems Workshop
  • REES: International Workshop on Resiliency in Embedded Electronic Systems


  • Tutorial 1 (Full day): The Beast in Your Memory: Modern Exploitation Techniques and Defenses
    Lucas Davi, Ahmad-Reza Sadeghi, Technische Universität Darmstadt
  • Tutorial 2 (Full day): Automating System-Level Design and Modeling using Meta-Modeling and Code-Generation Techniques
    Wolfgang Ecker, Infineon Technologies; Rainer Findenig, DMCE Intel Linz; Daniel Müller-Gritschneder, Technical University of Munich; Wolfgang Müller, Heinz Nixdorf Institute - Paderborn University; Munish Jassi, Technical University of Munich; Michael Velten, Infineon Technologies
  • Tutorial 3 (Half day): Unveiling the foundations and the practice of Measurement-based Probabilistic Timing Analysis
    Francisco J. Cazorla, IIIA-CSIC and Barcelona Supercomputing Center; Tullio Vardanega, University of Padua; Jaume Abella, Barcelona Supercomputing Center; Mark Pearce, Raptita Systems Ltd.
  • Tutorial 4 (Half day): Design Challenges in Compute-intensive Mixed-criticality Systems: System, Platform and Application Perspectives
    Teun Hendriks, TNO; Zaid Al-Ars, Delft University of Technology; Dip Goswami, Eindhoven University of Technology
  • Tutorial 5 (Half day): Parameter-Invariant Monitor Design for Cyber Physical Systems
    James Weimer, Oleg Sokolsky, and Insup Lee, University of Pennsylvania