EPoSS Consortium Building Event 2016


MCE Conference and Business Centre, rue de l'Aqueduc 118, B-1050 Brussels

The event will take place in Brussels, 21 January 2016. Participation is for EPoSS members only.

The event will cover selected calls for proposals that are relevant for the EPoSS community such as:

ICT-02-2016 “Thin, Organic and Large Area Electronics”

ICT-03-2016 “SSI - Smart Systems Integration”

ICT-25-2016 “Advanced robot capabilities research and take-up”

ICT-29-2016 “Photonics KET 2016”

Besides, relevant upcoming calls for proposals from the NMBP Work Programme 2017, NMBP-04-2017 and NMBP-07-2017, will be presented.

Please note that the Components and Systems Unit of DG CONNECT is organising a Brokerage Event for H2020 ICT-03-2016 “SSI – Smart System Integration”

in Brussels on 20 January 2016.