2nd International Electronic Conference on Sensors and Applications


Online Platform

This event will take place in www.sciforum.net/conference/ecsa-2/ on a platform developed by MDPI to organize electronic conferences, 15-30 November 2015.

After the success of the first edition last year, this years' edition will focus on 5 thematic areas where sensors are changing science:

  • Biosensors (Section A)
  • Chemical Sensors (Section B)
  • Physical Sensors (Section C)
  • Sensor Networks (Section D)
  • Applications (Section E)
  • Posters: In this section, posters can be presented without an accompanying proceedings paper. Posters will be available online on this website during and after the e-conference. However, will not be added to the proceedings of the conference.

There will be 7 specific sessions:

  • MEMS and NEMS (Specific Session S1)
  • Smart Systems and Structures (Specific Session S2)
  • Smart Textiles (Specific Session S3)
  • Sports & Sensors (Specific Session S4)
  • Factories of the Future (Specific Session S5)
  • Fiber Optic Sensors (Specific Session S6)
  • Sensing Technologies for Water Resource Management (Specific Session S7)

Participants will have the opportunity to examine, explore and critically engage with issues and advances in these areas. This event will solely be an online proceeding which allows the participation from all over the world with no concerns of travel and related expenditures. The participation as well as the “attendance” of this online conference is free of charge.

The 2nd International Electronic Conference on Sensors and Applications is sponsored by MDPI and the scientific journals Sensors and Micromachines. Accepted papers will be published in the proceedings of this e-conference, and selected papers will be published in Sensors and Micromachines with a 20% discount off the APC. Sensors is an Open Access publication journal of MDPI in the field of the science and technology of sensors and biosensors. Micromachines is an Open Access publication journal of MDPI on the technology and science of micro-scale machines and micromachinery.

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