Forum be-flexible in cooperation with 2017 FLEX Europe forum

Flex Europe 2017


EPoSS participating

The event will be held in Munich, 15-16 November 2017.

This 2 day conference, an integral part of SEMICON Europa 2017, co-located with productronica, Europe’s largest semiconductor manufacturing event, will address materials, manufacturing, new technologies and applications for flexible hybrid electronics (FHE) and printed electronics (PE) and will demonstrate the strong history of Europe in these fields.

The joint conference offers a great opportunity to establish a new European platform for flexible electronics, manufacturing technologies and application scenarios.

In cooperation with the Fraunhofer EMFT’s Forum be-flexible, the FLEX Europe forum takes advantage of the intersection of PE and thin silicon (Si) devices. Key technical topics are expected to be covered such as: Thin Silicon, Flexible Sensors, Heterointegration on Flex, Bendable Electronics, Reliability of flexible electronics, Robotics.

We can leverage the assets of the global semiconductor industry to build a new class of flexible hybrid electronics (FHE). Markets being impacted by FHE include structural health monitoring, the Internet of Things (IOT) and medical devices, among others. Specific applications include wearable electronics, smart packaging, smart sensor systems, and physiological monitoring devices.


Call For Papers

The Call for Papers for the 2017 FLEX Europe / be-flexible forum has been launched recently by Semi Europe. Please send your paper abstracts until 12 May 2017 to the organizational board of Semi Europe: submit your details here

Abstracts submitted via fax, e-mail, post, or other methods will generally not be accepted.