EuWoRel 2023

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Fraunhofer Forum Berlin


A.-L.-Karsch-Str. 2
10178 Berlin

EPoSS participating

Since 2013, EuWoRel has been the annual forum for addressing the concerns of reliability, robustness, and functional safety of new products and technologies in the field of electronics and smart systems. It makes further research requirements on reliability methodology clearly visible, not only to the electronics and smart systems community but also to the representatives of funding agencies at national and European levels.

The well-tested setting of EuWoRel regarding number and profile of participants as well as the general agenda will be kept unchanged. Yet, EuWoRel 2023 will again be very special. The results of iRel4.0, the start of PowerizeD, the implementation of the EU Chips Act, and the enablement of Leading Edge and Advanced Electronics Packaging in Europe, LEAD-EU, to serve our home industry with own products that endure reliably and safely their demanding and harsh environment service conditions. This means, many  new results will be presented and discussed. Based on them, we can define the next research and innovation priorities as well as strong measures for revitalizing European value chains for electronics packaging, assembly and testing of the high-performance electronic systems needed in automotive, automation, and infrastructural products Made in Europe.

For further information please contact the EPoSS Office.