EuWoRel 2022

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Fraunhofer Forum in Berlin
EPoSS participating

This workshop will welcome 30 expert participants of reliability and quality engineers, researchers, and project managers from the European industry (OEM, Tier 1 & 2, specialist suppliers) as well as strategists, policy makers and project managers from the European Technology Platform EPoSS and the European Commission (DG CNECT).

On the engineering side, we will learn and discuss the latest results in all fields of reliability methodology, which are:

  1. Experimental techniques:
    • New stress tests & lifetime models - particularly involving power electronics
    • New failure analysis methods - deformation and stress analyses
  2. Simulation approaches:
    • DfM & DfR  by automated virtual prototyping and virtual qualification
    • Metamodeling and involving artificial intelligence (AI)
  3. Prognostics and physical health monitoring for strengthening the functional safety
    • Identification of early warning indicators & modeling of remaining useful life
    • Certification of PHM implementations (involving AI) for safety related applications
    • Convoluting software and hardware reliability approaches
  4. How electronics reliability contributes to the Green Deal
    • Example studies of how improved reliability for processes and in operation reduces the ecological footprint
    • Methods to import “cost of ownership” concepts in design of electronics

These methods are key enablers for all the leading European industries: automobile, aviation, space and automation. Hence, adequate coverage of these topics in the new research work programs really is important for maintaining European strength and sovereignty! As always, we will also have a small brokerage session.

For further details, please contact the EPoSS office.