ECA2030 Conference

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80 Bd. A. Reyers
1030 Brussels

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Join  a  vibrant  discussion  on  urgent  research  priorities  for  electric,  connected, automated (ECA)  driving  at  the  interface of  the  automotive and  the  electronic  components and  systems (ECS)  sectors  and  get  in  contact  with  the  right  people  to  solve  current  and  future implementation challenges.

Increasing  levels  of  vehicle  electrification  and  automation  induce  fundamental  changes  along  the entire automotive value chain that require both a continuous prioritization of technical research topics and extensive cooperation within an increasingly diverse stakeholder group. The Mobility.E Lighthouse of the ECSEL Joint Undertaking is the networking and collaboration platform to connect stakeholders along and beyond the automotive value chain, bringing together the ECS and application sides as well as non-technical experts to ensure European competitiveness in the ECA field and meet the demands of the 2030 customer.

The ECA2030 Networking Event therefore aims to:

Strengthen the European ECA ecosystem:

The  ECA2030  networking  event  will  bring  together  public  authorities  as  wells  as  industrial  and academic  stakeholders  covering  the  entire automotive value chain from  components  to  vehicles and  mobility  solutions.  This  part  of  the  event  will  focus  on  aligning  strategical  and  R&D perspectives.

Prioritize research topics:

The identification of urgent research topics will guide future R&D activities and will accelerate the realization of future mobility visions in the following fields:

  • Session 1         Data availability and sharing
  • Session 2         De-carbonization
  • Session 3         Intelligence on board (Car brain)
  • Session 4         Connectivity
  • Session 5         Sensors and sensor fusion
  • Session 6         Infrastructure and services for smart personal mobility and logistics
  • Session 7         Safety, security and validation.


Day 1
Opening plenum
  • Keynotes to define the ECAD vision for 2020 and highlight challenges (European funding authorities, industry along the automotive value chain and academia)
  • Presentation of the Mobility.E Lighthouse and of COSMOS
  • Introduction of 7 Urgent Research Priorities
Day 2
Interactive sessions
  • Breakout sessions to identify research priorities, necessary actions and gaps in the existing R&D landscape
  • Networking opportunity
Closing plenum
  • Presentation and discussion of results
  • Validation of research topics/priorities derived in the interactive sessions

Please download the final agenda from the link below.

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