ECS Collaboration Tool

The ECS Collaboration Tool - A networking tool for project ideas and potential partners.

Support tools were merged into a single co-managed service: the ECS Collaboration Tool. This tool facilitates an easy information exchange within the ECS community and allows the collection and management of all relevant data, ideas and project proposals in one place.

The ECS Collaboration Tool is open to everybody in the ECS Community. The new tool is released to prepare for joint consortium building at EFECS, but is available to support any related event, regardless of the funding instrument involved. It can also be used as a “stand-alone” project consortium building tool. Users can initiate projects and invite partners or use the messaging system to look for partners or projects. After forming consortia, project teams can assess the best mechanism for funding support for their project, be it a National, ECSEL-JU, European Commission or EUREKA type funding.

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