Benefits of Membership by EPoSS

Advantages of EPoSS membership:

  • you receive first-hand information on the latest directions and decisions of the European Commission
  • you meet peers and key players in the context of European research
  • you influence and contribute to roadmaps for future European research
  • you are part of an efficient and successful network of experts
  • you promote joint interests to the European Commission
  • you gain easy access to excellent project consortia
  • you have new possibilities for co-operations due to EPoSS´s capability to contract and to make formal agreements (e.g. the JTI ECSEL)
  • you benefit from efficient dissemination, refinement and implementation of project activities
  • you accelerate the creation of supply chains for new technology and market opportunities.

Benefits of Membership

Furthermore a number of services will be provided which allows you:

    • to access the internal area of the EPoSS web portal and fully participate in the EPoSS information flow
    • to have unlimited access to the EPoSS Working Groups
    • to participate in special expert workshops, conferences and meetings such as the EPoSS General Assembly and Annual Forum
    • to obtain special conditions for other Smart Systems events connected to EPoSS.