Smarter-SI White Paper

On the way to digital transformation of their products, European small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) need access to manufacturing facilities for the necessary electronic components and systems. Since SMEs in general are more successful by adopting a niche market strategy for their products, it is expected that quick, flexible, and low-cost production of small lot-sizes is an essential condition for their market success. In order to provide access to manufacturing capabilities generally not accessible for SMEs, several European Research and Technology Organisations (RTOs) joined efforts and formed the SMARTER-SI project.
The ultimate goal of SMARTER-SI is to test a new concept for distributed small lot production, the Cooperative Foundry Model (CFM). Electronic  components and functional parts of Smart Systems that are available at the participating RTOs and that are characterised by high Technology Readiness Levels (TRLs) are considered as “Building Blocks”. These Building Blocks can be combined crating innovative Smart Systems which serve the needs of
The reuse of Building Blocks allows for their quick and flexible adaption to new needs and facilitates their production at reasonable costs. This access is successfully demonstrated by the im plementation of eleven “Application Experiments”.