SAE Brochure "Enhancing the Digital Transformation of the European Economy"

The brochure of the Smart Anything Everywhere Initiative was published in June 2016 and can be downloaded from this page. Two of the ten success strories included in the brochure were provided by the SMARTER-SI project.

The newly published SAE brochure provides

  • concise information on the SAE Initiative,
  • achievements since the launch of the SAE initiative in early 2015,
  • success stories provided by the projects that are part of the SAE pilot phase and SAE phase 1, and
  • an outlook on what's next.

The success stories provided by the 5 projects that are currently running under the umbrella of the SAE initiative are of particular interest.

Two of these ten success stories were provided by theĀ  SMARTER-SI project. They demonstrate how the participating SMEs were enabled to manufacture Smart Systems using the cooperative foundry model developed in the project.

Download the brochure >>here