MEMS Executive Congress® US 2015

MEMS Executive Congress® US 2015 will take place in Napa, California, 4-6 November. Registration and applications are now open!

In this event executives have the opportunity to talk shop, make deals, engage with competitors, and relax with colleagues.

Who should attend?

  • MEMS & Sensors supply chain, including: device manufacturers, foundries, equipment and materials suppliers and industry consultants.
  • Buyers of MEMS & Sensors that integrate the devices into applications that enhance motion sensing, deliver drugs, orientation sensing, thermal sensing, image stabilization, and more.
  • Innovators and Start-up companies primed to change our lives and experiences through their pioneering uses of the enabling power of MEMS & Sensors.
  • Investors interested in learning more about MEMS & Sensors innovation.
  • Analysts from inside and outside the MEMS & Sensors industry.

Why attend?

  • Stay one step ahead of your competition
  • Meet smaller companies and startups driving innovation in MEMS & Sensors
  • Network and explore opportunities with big names in MEMS & Sensors
  • Meet your next customer
  • Anticipate future trends in MEMS & Sensors and the consumer needs driving them

MEMS & Sensors Technology Showcase

If you have a product ready to launch or new to market (<6 months) that uses MEMS or sensors and want a promotional opportunity, please click >>here

Elevator Pitch Session

If you have a new idea or product using MEMS or sensors you can apply >>here

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