Join the TSensors Summit Munich 2014

The event will take place in Munich, 15-17 September 2014.

The 4th TSensors (Trillion Sensors) Summit is coming to Munich on 15-17 September 2014.

Sensors form a foundation for some of the largest global economic tides in history of humans, such as wearables, Internet of Things and Digital Health. Combined together, they make the utopian dream coming true: elimination of major global problems including hunger, lack of medical care, cleaning environment and generating energy, in just one generation, thus creating Abundance.

TSensors Munich put together a phenomenal list of speakers discussing the emerging sensor-based World  

The TSensors Summit, the first in Europe, is rapidly approaching. If you are involved in sensors or the internet of things, this interesting summit featuring visionary speakers really is a MUST ATTEND event.

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For further information please contact Gabriele Reiner, organizer of the TSensors Summit Munich 2014 at, telephone: +49. 89. 54759-538.