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The Smart Systems community is growing quickly, and individual players are indeed now linking to form a living ecosystem. The Smart Systems Integration Capability Radar already includes nearly 1000 organisations active in this field – from Research through Design and Manufacturing all the way to End Users.

The Capability Radar provides thorough insights into the Smart Systems Ecosystem by introducing all stakeholders in Europe on a single chart. This reference tool aims at increasing awareness, providing new networking opportunities, and at initiating fruitful partnerships. It also allows advanced searches within the ecosystem.
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We invite you to visit the EU Smart Systems Integration Capability Radar at http://www.express-ca.eu/SSI-Capability-Radar.

The Capability Radar is an interactive tool.

It captures and publishes in a searchable format information for organisations in Europe that are active in the field of Smart Systems Integration.

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If your organisation is not yet on the radar, we invite you to fill the dedicated template in order to pin your organisation on the radar.

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The Capability Radar was initiated by EXPRESS, a Coordination Action that receives funding from the European Commission's 7th Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under Grant Agreement No. 610551.


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