Call For Presentations for Forum be-flexible 2014

Forum be-flexible 2014 will take place in Munich, 19-20 November 2014. A Call for Presentations was launched for the event. The deadline for submission of abtracts is 7 September 2014.

Forum be-flexible is an international platform with two consecutive days intended for scientists, applied researchers, equipment suppliers and users.

Call for Presentations

Submission of presentation abstracts

Please use the online registration form for the submission of presentations. If you encounter any problems follow the comments and act accordingly. Incomplete submissions or submissions by email cannot be accepted. The submitted information will be used for the flyer, web and handouts.

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Speakers attend the respective workshop day for free, no registration form is necessary. For attending the other workshop day additionally, the regular registration formalities and fees do apply.

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Deadline for submitting abstracts: 7 September 2014


Motto: systems integration - killer applications - best practice - roadmapping ? - no go's - lessons learned

Day 1: Thin semiconductor devices

15th international workshop on 19 November 2014
Venue: Fraunhofer EMFT in Munich, Germany

Thin semiconductor components have been prevalent for a number of years in microelectronics. Important segments in today’s microelectronics market are e.g. integrated circuits on chip cards and power devices.

A further reduction in chip thickness results in even more distinct advantages, such as in very flat packages for portable electronic equipment, enhanced performance of components and cost efficient assembly on flexible substrates.

Current trends in the development of technologies for very thin semiconductors are targeting on 3D-integrated chip stacks (MEMS, CSP), opto-electronic devices (LED, solar cells) and ultra-thin RFID applications. This workshop provides an insight into latest developments of technologies, materials, processes and applications.

Sessions on:

  • Wafer thinning and handling
  • Thin wafer processing
  • Thin devices applications
  • Flexible systems - applications

Day 2: Flexible electronic systems

13th international workshop on 20 November 2014
Venue: Fraunhofer EMFT in Munich, Germany

Thin and flexible, highly functional electronic systems, hardly noticed by the user, are about to expand into our information society in multifaceted ways: ‘smart systems’, ‘smart textiles’ and ‘ubiquitous applications’, just to mention a few key words. These terms mean highly compact electronic, sensor, optical or actuator components mostly on the basis of flexible substrates. This workshop provides an insight into latest developments of technologies, materials, processes and applications.

Sessions on:

  • Smart and flexible systems
  • Production technologies for flexible systems
  • Organic electronics and functional materials
  • Best practice, case studies, market perspective of flexible
     systems and product design

Workshop handouts

A paper summary will be provided to all workshop attendees, comprising title, authors, biography and abstracts.
workshop proceedings

All information provided will also be compiled in workshop proceedings, made accessible to all attendees shortly after the workshop by password protected download. Access details will be sent to all attendees by email.

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