EPoSS Sessions at SSI 2017: Programme now available

The SSI 2017 conference on 8-9 March 2017 in Cork is part of the activities of EPoSS. EPoSS is organising two special sessions on 8 March 2017, 11:05 - 12:45 and 13:45 - 15:25.

EPoSS Session I
What's Next? New Paths for Smart Systems Integration in Europe

Wednesday, 08.03.2017, 11:05 - 12:45 hrs, Grand Island Ballroom I

Smart Systems are an indispensable part of modern society, delivering high-performance products in growing sectors such as health, transport, communications, energy, water, textiles, forestry and food, thereby answering societal challenges. To further advance Smart Systems Integration in Europe, a dedicated strategy towards disruptive and continuous technology development and innovation is called for. To stay globally competitive, Smart Systems Integration has to grow into an ecosystem that is able to provide smart technologies addressing any challenge everywhere. This session will examine upcoming opportunities and challenges and prepare for long-term strategies for the development of Smart Systems Integration in Europe.

Chairperson: Wolfgang Gessner, EPoSS e.V.

11:05   5G and Smart Systems Integration

Francis Mullany, Nokia Bell Labs

11:25   Automated Driving: The Next Challenge in Smart Systems

Michael Paulweber, AVL List GmbH

11:45   Medical Devices: Success beyond Technology

Jean-Christophe Lourme, ValoTec

12:05   Smart Systems Integration and Digital Innovation Hubs

Cian O’Mathuna, Tyndall National Institute

12:25   SSI: Enabling the Convergence of Different Application Domains

Riccardo Groppo, Ideas & Motion s.r.l.

12:45   End of Session

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EPoSS Session II
What’s inSSIght? Excellence in Smart Systems Integration

Wednesday, 08.03.2017, 13:45 - 15:25 hrs, Grand Island Ballroom I 

This session, which is co-organised by the EU-funded Coordination and Support Action “inSSIght – In-depth support for innovation and exploitation in Smart Systems Integration”, will look into user needs and requirements towards customer acceptance for Smart Systems. Furthermore, customer needs will be matched with showcases of innovative Smart Systems in high potential sectors such as Transportation, Health, Manufacturing, Internet of Things, Energy, Natural Resources, and Security. Presentations by key stakeholders of the Smart Systems ecosystem will hence not only illustrate the complexity of the topic, but will also introduce tools, support measures and mechanisms that are being deployed to achieve, maintain and demonstrate excellence in Smart Systems Integration.

Chairperson: Günter Lugert, Siemens AG

13:45   ESS with EU€ - Electronic Smart Systems with EU Funding

Henri Rajbenbach, European Commission

14:00   Where Education Meets Industry Needs: The Erasmus Mundus
           Joint International Master in Smart Systems Integration

Changhai Wang, Heriot-Watt University

14:15   From Roadmap to Pre-Product for Market Introduction

Régis Hamelin, BLUMORPHO

14:30   From Smart Systems Building Blocks to Low Volume Manufacturing

Rainer Günzler, Hahn-Schickard

14:45   Smart Systems Integration: An Enabling Technology for the Silver Age

Riccardo Groppo, Ideas & Motion s.r.l.

15:00   Internet of Food and Farm 2020: Technology Implementation
           in the Agro-Food System

Matteo Balderacchi, ValorItalia

15:15   What’s inSSIght for You?

Petra Weiler, VDI/VDE Innovation + Technik GmbH

15:25   End of Session


EPoSS also has a booth at the SSI 2017 exhibition. All participants are invited to visit the booth for information on EPoSS, to exchange views on Smart Systems Integration or discuss future projects and developments.


Participation in the 2 EPoSS sessions and participation in the exhibition are free of charge, but registration is required. To get your free ticket, go to www.smartsystemsintegration.com/tickets and enter the following online registration number: 1712301037

EPoSS members can participate in the conference at a reduced fee. The registration can be accessed through http://www.mesago.de/en/SSI/The_conference/Special_EPoSS/index.htm.

If you are not an EPoSS member, please register through this link: https://www.mesago.de/en/SSI/The_conference/Registration/index.htm

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