Call for Presentations for EPoSS Annual Forum 2015 open until 14 August 2015

The Motto of this year's EPoSS Call for Presentations is "State of the (Sm)Art: Smart Systems Responding to Demand Side Requirements". Deadline for submission of abstracts is 14 August 2015.

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Call for Presentations for EPoSS Annual Forum 2015

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State of the (Sm)Art:
Smart Systems Responding
to Demand Side Requirements

The in-depth analysis of the Strategic Research Agendas (SRA) of all European Technology Platforms (ETP) that was conducted by the EXPRESS Coordination Action revealed opportunities for Smart Systems in major sectors of the economy, such as manufacturing, medical, transport, logistics, ICT, agriculture, food, environment and energy, thereby highlighting how Smart Systems - thanks to the integration of innovative technologies and production processes - provide solutions to requirements of the demand side, e.g. buyers such as OEMs, public procurers, health insurances, or end users such as clinicians, patients, consumers and citizens.

It is vital for Smart Systems providers to fully understand product, application and manufacturing requirements of the demand side. For the demand side it is equally important to gain insights into the breadth of technologies, processes and solutions that Smart Systems offer. Matching requirements and solutions is a prerequisite for bringing to the market innovative, manufacturable, safe and cost-effective products

  • that are needed by the market,
  • that investors are interested in,
  • that buyers are willing to pay for, and
  • that are accepted by end-users 

EPoSS with its Annual Forum is the ideal place to bring together the Smart Systems community and demand side industries for a showcase of Smart Systems solutions that respond to the requirements of major sectors of the economy. This year’s EPoSS Call for Presentations therefore focuses on

1. Demand side requirements for Smart Systems

We invite representatives of demand side sectors like manufacturing, medical, transport, logistics, ICT, agriculture, food, environment, energy and building to present their product and application requirements as well as specific challenges that Smart Systems need to respond to.

2. Smart Systems showcases: Turn-key solutions

We invite presentations from Smart Systems experts, be it from public research, academia or private companies to present their innovative and competitive products and solutions, and in particular to highlight in how far they respond to the specific requirements and challenges of demand side sectors.

3. Smart Systems inventory: Technologies and production

We invite contributions that provide tutorial-like inventories of the immense breadth of technologies and production processes of Smart Systems, in order to address the multi-disciplinarity challenge and provide guidance for decision makers in companies and research organisations.

For all the priority areas, presentations should be in line with the industrial and applications driven character of the EPoSS Annual Forum.

Presentations will be selected by members of the EPoSS Executive Committee.

If you wish to participate in the Call for Presentations, please send the proposed title of your presentation, and an abstract (length: 1500 - 3000 characters) together with your full contact details, a short biography, and a photo to the EPoSS Office ( by 14th August 2015.

To facilitate abstract submission, please use the dedicated template.

Invitations for selected presentations will be sent by 30th August 2015. If selected, the deadline for submission of the full presentation will be 25th September 2015.

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