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inSSIght Technical Webinars
Spreading Smart Systems innovation across Europe

The inSSIght partners are honored to invite you to a webinar series specifically dedicated to students and young professionals. It will familiarize you with Smart Systems technologies, applications, and research challenges. It greatly supplements your course work!

InSSIGht is a 2-year European project to promote Smart Systems Integration (SSI) in a broader spectrum of products and applications. The project gathers 18 partners from SSI-related industry, clusters and research institutes with the following objectives:

  • Secure the position of SSI in European policies of SSI as a key enabler for innovation.
  • Support the Smart Systems industry and community in Europe, through EPoSS.
  • Open new market opportunities for SSI by responding to demand side needs.

The webinars are given by Principal Investigators from leading Fraunhofer institutes. The speakers have more than 20 years of experience in research work. They have been involved in teaching university courses for many years.





The Coordination and Support Action inSSIght has received funding from the European Community‘s Programme Horizon 2020 under GA number: 731665

Coordinator: Mrs. Petra Weiler, VDI|VDE Innovation + Technik GmbH