Industry Associations Release Draft Version of ECS SRIA 2024

ECS-SRIA 2024 Visual

The initial draft of the  Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda for Electronic Components and Systems 2024 (ECS SRIA) has been released! ECS experts of the industry associations Aeneas, EPoSS and Inside shape and coordinate this edition reflecting the recent technological and strategic trends in the ECS industry. It aims to provide support for the European Chips Act.

 The ECS SRIA 2024

➡ builds on the ECS SRIA 2023 amendment which links the SRIA research focus areas to the Design Platform and Pilot Lines to be implemented by the Chips JU;

➡ addresses in more detail AI tools in the practices of the ECS community for the digital society at large;

➡ gives quantum technologies, a priority of the European Chips Act additional attention;

➡ develops a tighter integration with the research topics identified by the report from the Open Source Hardware and Software Working Group, issued in November 2021.

This draft 2024 edition will be presented on 1st December 2023 at the Chips Joint Undertaking aunch Event “Chips for Europe”.

It is from now on open for contributions from the community: Please submit your feedback by 10 December 2023 to

The ECS SRIA 2024 draft edition available here.

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