EPoSS against COVID-19


The current Coronavirus outbreak shows how crucial fast and reliable detection of positive cases is to avoid the rapid and massive spreading of viruses but also to understand which therapeutic approach shall be deployed.

EPoSS has recently organised an ad-hoc brokerage session on COVID-19 to evaluate how the EPoSS technological input could support the emergence of reliable tools for the fast detection of virus, from patients samples, in the air or on potentially contaminated surfaces.

Further objective of this brokerage was to specify the potential contribution of EPoSS members to larger projects encompassing both the diagnostics and the therapeutics aspect, such as those currently called in the IMI2 – Call 21 “Development of therapeutics and diagnostics combatting coronavirus infections“.

Members of the EPoSS platform are universities, research centres, small and large companies developing, among others, Smart Systems for Point-of-Care diagnostics of infectious diseases.