Call for Tender addressing MNBS Solutions for Health Applications

The  Horizon  2020 funded  project  named  ANTI-SUPERBUGS  PCP  (Grant  Agreement  : 688878)  published  the  call  for  tender  on  the  26th  July  2019.  The  Deadline  for submission of proposals will be on the 28th October 2019.

Six leading European procuring entities, under the lead of AQuAS, challenge the industry to  develop  smart  ICT  solutions  able  to  detect  the  presence  of  resistant microorganisms, give real-time feedback to the user and at the same time share the information  with  the  healthcare  provider  electronic  record  systems,  linking  the infection with the place of the detection.

The  Available  budget  for  the  research,  development  and  testing  of  these  innovative solutions is 3.45 million Euro (VAT included).

The call documents are published on the TED platform (the link is available on the project website).