Apply for the 5E Contest and win the EPoSS SSI Trademark license!

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The 5E Contest wants to celebrate excellence in electronics and highlight the importance of outstanding electronics products in Europe. It is organised in the framework of the 5E Project and will award electronics products in Unconventional Nanoelectronics NE, Flexible, Organic & Printed Electronics FOPE and Electronic Smart Systems ESS.

1 Best electronics product developed by an interested party such as an enterprise, RTO, individual, etc.
2 Best electronics product developed in the framework of a funded project at regional, national or EU level.
3 Best product convergence among the three Electronics Areas.

The three winners will be awarded during the Smart Systems Integration Conference 2021, 27-29th April 2021, and will benefit from public support and recognition.

Applications are open to all electronics innovators based in Europe by filling in the online form by 20th March 2021.

For more information please visit the 5E Contest website.