EPoSS Board Election 2022

Legal Regulations

According to the EPoSS Founding Statute and Amendments the Board consists of one Chairperson, two Vice-Chairpersons and all together of up to 16 Board members who are preferably industry representatives.

All members of the Board are elected by the General Assembly for a period of three calendar years (2023 - 2025).

The Board´s tasks include governance of the EPoSS Association, identification of objectives, development of strategies and supervision of the activities of the Executive Committee and the Office.

Timeline of the Board Election 2022

Call for Candidates

The EPoSS Office will prepare the Call for Candidates which will be sent at on 17 August to all EPoSS Members. Representatives of any EPoSS Member can apply for a Board Membership, however, they should have the necessary hierarchical level to speak on behalf of their organisation. Closing date for submitting nomination letters to the EPoSS Office is September 7, 2022, arriving latest at 24.00 h.

The Voting Process

Each EPoSS Member has one vote. Each EPoSS Member will get a form to nominate its representative who will vote on behalf of the EPoSS Member.
The online voting is scheduled between 12 and 26 September.


The results of the voting will be announced at the EPoSS General Assembly taking place prior to the EPoSS Annual Forum 2022 in Turin on 05 October.
All new Board Members will be formally asked if the accept the voting on 05 October.

Board Elections 2022