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EPoSS Newsletter 3/2008

Contents of Issue:


1. EPoSS Annual Forum 2008
2. EU-Russia Information and Brokerage Event programme

EPoSS News:

3. Policy paper published for the Electric Vehicle
4. The Internet of Things policy paper published
5. EPoSS SRA version 2 to be published
6. Kick-off meeting of CEPoSS
7. Call for papers for the AMAA 2009

EPoSS Events:

8. EPoSS participated at the GENESIS General Assembly
9. ICT 2008 Event in Lyon
10. Smart Systems Integration - SSI 2009 Conference and Exhibition

Towards JTI:

11. Further steps on the road towards the EPoSS JTI

1. EPoSS Annual Forum 2008

This year’s Annual Forum of the European Technology Platform EPoSS laid its main emphasis
on the “Public Private Partnership” – initiative. The successful conference took place
in Juan-les-Pins on 1-2 October in parallel to the French EU Council Presidency and attracted
more than 120 participants from industry, research, national ministries of the member
states as well as distinguished representatives of the European Commission. One focal
point for future activities was the update of the Strategic Research Agenda and the preparation
of the implementation plan for the “Joint Technology Initiative” EPoSS.
Further details as well as the topics discussed at the EPoSS Annual Forum 2008 are
available at:

2. EU-Russia Information and Brokerage Event programme

A joint three-day conference was held in Moscow on 21-23 October. For Russia and the
European Union, this event opened access to high-quality expertise and resources in areas
of interest for both parties in the ICT. It also promoted the potential for developing joint project
proposals for submission in the forthcoming calls of FP7 as well as the opportunity to
familiarise the participants with the RTD capabilities.
The event consisted of two parts: Information and Brokerage Conference on 21-22 October
2008 and project presentations and bilateral consultation meetings with European Commission
officials on 23 October 2008.
EPoSS presented its vision of establishing a “Public Private Partnership”.

3. Policy paper on the Electric Vehicle published

An expert workshop jointly organised by EPoSS and the European Commission, DG INFSO,
was held in Brussels on 25.-26. June. As a result, a policy paper outlining future
trends and visions related to Smart Systems for the Electric Vehicle has been compiled
and published.
Further information as well as the document itself is available at

4. The Internet of Things policy paper published

An expert workshop jointly organised by EPoSS and the European Commission, DG INFSO
on the topic Internet of Things was held in Brussels in February. The policy paper
provides extrapolation of technology trends and ongoing research, showing topics that will
require new or intensified research.
More information as well as the document can be accessed at

5. EPoSS SRA version 2 to be published

The EPoSS Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) 2009 will be published shortly. It will present
an updated status of industry objectives in the field of Smart Systems. A preprint version
of the SRA will be presented at the ICT Event in Lyon, 25-27 November, at the
EPoSS booth and the final version will be available by the beginning of 2009.

6. Kick off meeting of CEPoSS

Investigation of the path towards a JTI for EPoSS is on track after the kick-off meeting of
the coordination and support action (CSA) held on 8 July in Leuven. Entitled CEPoSS, the
project will be essential for the set-up of a future EPoSS JTI. The main focus of the project
will be the setting-up of a European programme based on industry priorities on Smart Systems.
Consequently, competitiveness of national and European industry will be strengthened,
allowing to mobilise further budgets beyond that what the current programmes are
able to provide.

7. EPoSS participated in the GENESIS General Assembly

In order to search for new possibilities of cooperation between EPoSS and the GENESIS
platform, a delegation of the EPoSS office and the Spanish Ministry of Science participated
in the GENESIS General Assembly held on 14 November 2008 in Madrid. Taking into account
that GENESIS is the Spanish platform on Smart Systems and thus a close partner of
EPoSS, this meeting offered the opportunity to develop new synergies between both institutions
and to intensify interaction.

8. ICT 2008 Event in Lyon

The ICT Event is organised by the European Commission's Directorate General for the Information
Society and Media and will take place in Lyon on 25-27 November. EPoSS will
participate in the ICT Event with a booth and will have its own networking sessions on 26th
November at 14:00 in the room Tête d’Or with the title "The path towards the EPoSS JTI
and Priority Topics" addressing the following aspects:

  • 14:00 - The EPoSS JTI – A novel initiative addressing R&D on Smart Systems technologies, Günter Lugert, Siemens
  • 14:20 - Priority Topic – Smart Systems for the “Internet of Things”, Alessandro Bassi, Hitachi
  • 14:40 - Priority Topic – Smart Systems for well-being and health, Hans Hofstraat, Philips
  • 15:10 - Priority Topic – Smart Systems for sustainable mobility, Hughes Metras, CEA

More information about the ICT Event is available here:

9. Call for papers for the AMAA 2009

The AMAA (International Forum on Advanced Microsystems for Automotive Applications)
is an exclusive showroom of R&D activities in the domain of Smart System technologies
and ICT-based solutions for future mobility. The event will be held in Berlin on 5-6 May
2009. Experts from industry and academia are kindly invited to submit proposals, particularly
contributions focusing on car-to-car and car-to-infrastructure communication, driver
assistance systems, novel power trains, and human-machine interfacing are requested.
Please note that abstracts can be submitted until 30th November 2008 by sending an email
to office@amaa.de.
More information about the AMAA can be visited at: www.amaa.de.

10. Smart Systems Integration - SSI 2009 Conference and Exhibition

The SSI is the European Conference & Exhibition on Integration Issues of Miniaturised
Systems - MEMS, MOEMS, ICs and Electronic Components. The event is part of the activities
of EPoSS and will be held on 10-11 March 2009 in Brussels, Belgium. The SSI provides
an international communication platform for research institutes and manufacturers to
exchange know-how on Smart Systems Integration and to create the basis for successful
research cooperations with focus on Europe.
For more information about the event: www.mesago.de/en/SSI/main.htm.

11. Towards JTI

On 12 November 2008 a meeting initiated by EPoSS took place at the European Commission
with the Deputy Director General DG Infso, Mr. Peltomäki, and further representatives
of the European Commission (Mr. Van der Pyl, Dr. De Albuquerque et al.) on the implementation
of an EPoSS JTI.
The EPoSS JTI concept was presented by Günter Lugert supported by Hannu Laatikainen
(VTI), Pietro Perlo (CRF), Andrew Sleigh (QuinetiQ), Hughes Metras (CEA LETI) and Wolfgang
Gessner (EPoSS Office).
To summarize: the meeting revealed the context an EPoSS JTI is embedded in:

  • The European Commission is now preparing its position for the three last years of FP7 and the respective allocation of resources.
  • The COM is considering an EPoSS JTI which achieved visibility in the European Commission’s hierarchy.
  • The imminent period appears to be an excellent time window for an EPoSS JTI given also the pressure of the general economic situation.

Future steps are foreseen after consultation of relevant representatives of DG Infso and the Cabinet.

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