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Smart Systems Integration in Barcelona – SSI 2008

The 2nd European Conference on Smart Systems Integration (SSI 2008), which was held in Barcelona in early April, again proved to be the number one international communication platform for research and development on advanced microsystems and related integration aspects in Europe. Organised once a year by Fraunhofer IZM as part of the activities of the European Technology Platform on Smart Systems Integration (EPoSS), the event attracted more than 300 experts from 22 countries this year. A special session was dedicated to the activities of EPoSS.

Keynote speakers at the SSI 2008 were Dr. Augusto de Albuquerque (EU Commission) and several industry representatives including EPoSS chairman Dr. Klaus Schymanietz (EADS), who pointed out the goals of EPoSS for 2008 and beyond: suggesting options for public-private partnership on different levels, and supporting the platform’s members in creating excellent project proposals targeted at the calls of the 7th Framework Programme.

The EPoSS special session, chaired by the chairman of the EPoSS executive committee Dr. Günter Lugert (Siemens), dealt with industrial R&D strategies for the domain of smart systems integration, where according to several speakers European companies have the chance to take the lead in a globalised market. The R&D needs, identified in the EPoSS Strategic Research Agenda (SRA), were delineated in the following subjects: advanced functionalities, energy autonomy, networked operation, integration and reliability matters.

The next SSI conference will be held in spring 2009 in Brussels.

Presentations at the EPoSS special session are available for download from the internal area of the >>> EPoSS website

AMAA 2008

Novel and “smart” microsystems supporting autonomous driving, road safety, and sustainable transport were the major topics discussed at the 12th International Forum on  dvanced Microsystems for Automotive Applications (AMAA 2008) held in Berlin on 11-12 March. The AMAA, which is organized by the Innovation Relay Center Northern Germany at VDI/VDE-IT, attracted more than 100 experts from the automotive value chain worldwide.

Furthermore, the AMAA hosted meetings of working groups from CLEPA, the European Association of Automotive Suppliers, and EPoSS. Like in previous years, the conference papers were published by Springer as a proceedings book.

To access the presentations of the AMAA 2008 click >>> here!

Joint EC / EPoSS Export Workshop: Beyond RFID – Towards the Internet of Things

On 11 and 12 February more than 80 distinguished experts from industry, academia and from public authorities gathered to discuss future trends and visions related to the “Internet of Things”. A report on the outcome of this workshop as well as the presentations held at the workshop can be accessed on the following web site: http://www.smart-systems-integration.org/public/internet-of-things

Gateway towards JTI

Gateway towards a JTI – EPoSS has set up a coordination action project within the FP7 programme under the acronym of CEPoSS. The launch of this project aims at identifying options for a public private partnership in the area of smarty systems integration. Project partners include all major EPoSS industry stakeholders amongst which are EADS, Siemens, Thales, ST, Bosch, Philips, Infineon, Hitachi, Continental, FIAT, etc. During the next months a focus will be set on elaborating concepts for the implementation of the R&D priorities outlined in the strategic research agenda (SRA) as well as on setting up necessary legal frameworks and required infrastructures.

EPoSS has provided input on smart systems to the ICT Work Programm 2009-2010

The inputs are key instruments for the European Commission, as they point out the tendency of the smart systems applications in the future. They can be downloaded on Pdf format from the >> EPoSS website.

EPoSS SRA version 2 under construction

The aim of the Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) is to show the importance of Smart Systems and to illustrate their outstanding technical and economic potential. It formulates a shared view of the medium-term to long-term research needs of the sector. Now the second version of the SRA is getting ready and the first draft is expected before the  ummer.

WG TIC Meeting on 30 May

The WG will be held in the Alcatel-Lucent subsidiary of Dublin on 30 May with the following agenda:

  • EPoSS SRA.
  • JTI developments.
  • Steering board interaction.
  • CEPoSS.
  • Projects/Calls.

WG RFID meeting

The RFID WG will take place at the SINTEF office in Oslo on 20 June 2008. The agenda of the meeting will be updated soon at the >> EPoSS website.

Joint EC/EPoSS Expert Workshop “Smart Systems for the Full Electric Vehicle”

The workshop will be held on 25-26 June 2008 in Brussels, Belgium. The goal is to create a comprehensive vision of the technology needs for electric vehicles with a particular focus on “smart systems”, and to derive strategies that may serve as a roadmap for car makers, automotive supply industry, academia and public authorities.

For more information, please visit http://www.smart-systems-integration.org/public/electricvehicle

EPoSS Annual Forum 2008, 1-2. October 2008, venue to be confirmed

The EPoSS Annual Forum 2008 will be held on 1 and 2 October 2008. The exact venue is still to be determined and will be announced within the next weeks. The first day of  his year’s forum will be dedicated to the EPoSS General Assembly for EPoSS members. On the second day high level representatives from European industries, research and academia as well as from public authorities will provide an outlook on future developments and strategies in the field of smart systems integration to the interested public audience.

International Workshop – pHealth 2008

The 5th edition of the International Workshop on Wearable, Micro and Nano Technologies for the Personalised Health, pHealth 2008 will be held in Valencia, Spain, on 21-23 May. The pHealth Workshop is a Forum of discussion, networking, and experience exchange about the state of the art and future challenges in nano and micro Technologies, wearable and implantable sensors and ICT in personal health management systems.

Key topics will be:

  • Micro and Nano Sensors.
  • Wearable and Implantable Systems.
  • Technological trends in ICT solutions for patient self-management.
  • Health and Life management and personalised interactions.
  • Business vision and experiences, and implementation viability.
For more information, please visit the pHealth 2008 website >>> www.phealth2008.com

ILA International Aerospace Exhibition and Conferences

The ILA Show is one of the world’s largest aerospace trade shows and it will take place in Berlin, from 27th May to 1st June 2008. The ILA Show provides best access to the aeronautics market in the EU, particularly in Central and Eastern Europe and it is focused in five segments:

  • Commercial Air Transport: Maintenance, Technical Services.
  • Space.
  • Defense and Security.
  • Equipment, Engines, Materials.
  • General Aviation - ILA Helicenter.

It will also feature the International Suppliers Center (ISC), an integrated show dedicated to companies from the aeronautics supply chain industry.

More details can be found at the ILA website >>> www.ila-berlin.com

Korea-EU Cooperation Forum on ICT

Developed in the framework of the ASIACOOP initiative and supported by the European Commission, this event will be held in Seoul, South Korea, on days 16-17 June 2008. This

Forum aims at identifying, discussing, and developing joint strategic ICT research projects of mutual benefit to the European Union and Korea.

More information on the event can be found at >>> www.msw2008.org

ICT Event 2008, November 25, 26, 27 2008, Lyon, France

The 2008 ICT Event will provide an excellent overview on activities taking place on a European level in the field of Information and Communication Technologies. EPoSS will actively participate in this high level exhibition and conference and present its achievements as well as delineate future activities addressed at improving European competitiveness in the field of smart systems integration.


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