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Stakeholder survey on OLAE in Europe

The FP7 POLYNET project is conducting a survey among the stakeholders of organic & large area electronics (OLAE) in Europe. The objective is to find out what stakeholders consider as opportunities for their companies in this area. As quite a lot of EPoSS members are involved in this new technology field both from a research and an industry point of view EPoSS supports the survey and invites its members to participate by filling in the online questionnaire.

Important Stakeholder’s Survey


During the past years, organic and large-area electronics (OLAE) has become disruptive technology that will enable next-generation information technology, energy, healthcare, entertainment, sports&fitness, smart fabrics, packaging, and advertising industry solutions. Intelligent packages, low cost RFID (radiofrequency identification) transponders, rollable displays, flexible solar cells, lighting, disposable diagnostic devices, interactive games, and printed batteries are just a few examples of promising fields of applications (see attachment for further information). Thin, light-weight, flexible, conformable and environmentally friendly – that’s what organic electronics means. It also enables a wide range of electrical components that can be produced in high volumes (e.g., by printing) and can be directly integrated into products used in every day life.

We would like to ask your attention and collaboration for an important survey among the stakeholders of organic & large area electronics (OLAE) in Europe. The objective is to find out what you consider as opportunities for your company in this emerging technology area. At the same time we wish to identify bottlenecks and any obstacles in using this technology in order to improve the support structures and measures in order to strengthen Europe’s position in this field.

Individual inputs will be treated confidentially and will only be accessible for the PolyNet team working on this survey. It will take appr. 5-10 min to complete this survey.

Link to survey : http://digiumenterprise.com/answer/?sid=435943&chk=AF7SBNZC

The NoE PolyNet (Network of Excellence for the Exploitation of Organic and Large Area Electronics / OLAE) aims to maintain Europe in the OLAE area as the world leader in science, technology development and industrial exploitation of OLAE technologies for integration of flexible electronics into novel commercial products.

For your information

Organic and large area electronics is at the moment one of the most promising fields of electronics due to the high potential market growth. The current estimations project a world wide market of $250 billion in 2025. Europe is challenged to capitalize on this promising business perspective and to exploit a competitive advantage obtained in the field of Microsystems in order to effectively boost a leading position of the European research and industry in organic and large area electronics.

This project is funded within the EU FP7 Network of Excellence PolyNet, a pan European research collaboration by the European Community's Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under grant agreement n° 214006. The 17 partners represent the whole value chain of Organic and Large-Area Electronics and would like to channel their knowledge for the benefit of the European research area.

For questions regarding the survey or the POLYNET project, please contact

Organic Electronic programm manager
17 rue des Martyrs
38054 Grenoble CEDEX
Tel. +33 438 78 39 81
Cel. +33 686 12 86 07
Isabelle Chartier

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