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Realising the European Research Area: presentation by Robert-Jan Smits, DG RTD

At the Policy Forum on ERA instruments in Brussels on 10th June 2009 that was organised by TAFTIE (The European Network of Innovation Agencies), Robert-Jan Smits, European Commission DG RTD, gave a presentation on

  1. Europe's global position in numbers with respect to RTD inveestment and intensity
  2. Ljubljana Process and ERA vision 2020
  3. The five ERA initiatives and other ERA building blocks

The ERA Vision 2020 as adopted at Competitiveness Council on 2 December 2008 says that

“By 2020, all actors fully benefit from the ‘Fifth Freedom’ across the ERA: free circulation of researchers, knowledge and technology. The ERA provides attractive conditions and effective and efficient governance for doing research and investing in R&D intensive sectors in Europe. It creates strong added value by fostering a healthy Europe-wide scientific competition whilst ensuring the appropriate level of cooperation and coordination. It is responsive to the needs and ambitions of citizens and effectively contributes to the sustainable development and competitiveness of Europe.”

Download the presentation >> here


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