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New EPoSS Chairman, Carmelo Papa of STMicroelectronics, and five Vice Chairmen elected!

EPoSS members elected a new Board at this year's General Assembly in Lisbon on 7th October 2010. The new Board is made up of the Chairman and five Vice Chairmen.

New EPoSS Chairman, Carmelo Papa of STMicroelectronics, and five Vice Chairmen elected!

Carmelo Papa of STMicroelectronics

Dott. Carmelo Papa is Executive Vice President and General Manager of STMicroelectronics’ Industrial & Multisegment Sector, which comprises power and analog devices, microcontrollers, MEMS, as well as discrete, special non-volatile memory and smart card products, and has held this position since January 2007. He is a member of the Corporate Strategic Committee.
Klaus Schymanietz and Carmelo Papa

Carmelo Papa was elected Chairman of EPoSS by the EPoSS members on 7th October 2010 at this year's EPoSS General Assembly in Lisbon, Portugal. He takes over the position from Dr. Klaus Schymanietz, Senior Vice President of EADS Germany, who held the position of EPoSS Chairman since 2006. Klaus Schymanietz has lead the platform to excellence. EPoSS owes its good reputation and its influence in the European arena largely to his outstanding commitment and leadership.

 EPoSS Vice Chairmen

Further to the new Chairman the members have selected the following five Vice Chairmen to represent EPoSS and support the Chairman.

Alain Ripart of Sorin
Dr. Alain Ripart
Senior Vice-President and
Chief Scientific Officer
Sorin Group CRM
Nevio Di Giusto of CRF
Nevio Di Giusto
President and
Chief Executive Officer
Centro Ricerche Fiat S.C.p.A. and
Elasis S.C.p.A.
Giulio Ruffini of Starlab
Dr. Giulio Ruffini
Chief Executive Officer and
Chief Technology Officer
Richard Arning of EADS
Dr. Richard Arning
Vice President
EADS Innovation Works
Head of Technical Capability Centre
"Sensors, Electronics & Systems Integration"
EADS Corporate Research
Hannu Laatikainen of VTI
Hannu Laatikainen
Executive Vice President
Transportation Business
VTI Technologies Oy

The Chairperson and five Vice-Chairpersons will serve for a two-year period and may be reappointed.

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