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Interim Evaluation of the Seventh Framework Programme - Report of the Expert Group available now!

The interim evaluation of the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) was carried out by a group of independent, international experts and supported by an extensive base of evaluation evidence, including studies and statistics.

The evaluation comes at a point when the Framework Programme has reached its mid-point in calendar terms, but when many of the projects funded in its early years are still in progress and when the bulk of the money remains to be allocated.

Some of the projects initiated in the latter years of FP7 can be expected to continue for as long as five years after its formal end, that is up to 2017-2018. It follows that only tentative conclusions can be reached about the outcomes of FP7 and the impact it will have on Europe’s science, its economy and its society.

Nevertheless, an interim evaluation has a vital role to play in taking stock, in putting forward proposals for the remaining years of FP7 and in drawing out lessons that can feed into the planning – already in its early stages – of a successor programme.

The report is available for download >> here

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