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EPoSS at the Smart Sytems Integration 2009 Conference

EPoSS organised special sessions, provided a booth at the exhibition and sponsored the poster award. Presentations are available for download!

EPoSS at the Smart Sytems Integration 2009 Conference

SSI 2009 Brussels

This year's Smart Systems Integration Conference was held on 10-11 March in Brussels. EPoSS organised two special sessions on the first conference day attended by around 80 participants. Sessions were split up into five parts addressing five topics that currently rank high within the EPoSS industry initiative:

  • EPoSS – Initiatives towards Public Private Partnership

  • Framework for Future Disruptive Innovations

  • Smart Systems for Electric Mobility

  • Smart Systems for Health and Wellbeing

  • Smart Systems: The Buildingblocks for an Internet of Things

Prof. Augusto de Albuquerque, Head of Unit G2 Micro- and Nanosystems at the European Commission’s DG INFSO, underlined the highly qualified input EPoSS is currently giving to the Public Private Partnership initiatives under the European Recovery Plan, specifically to the European Green Cars Initiative, as well as the efforts to initiate a PPP on Smart Systems Integration.

Dr. Klaus Schymanietz, Vice President of EADS Germany and EPoSS Chairman, highlighted the current and future role of smart systems as key enablers for product innovations. Smart systems will be at the core of many future products, enable beak-through products, and trigger novel unpredicted and currently unthinkable applications.

EPoSS took also the opportunity to present the new >>> Strategic Research Agenda (SRA 2009).

The EPoSS booth was set up as a contact point for visitors and participants who attended the EPoSS sessions or were looking for further information about the ETP.

Presentations at the EPoSS sessions can be downloaded >>> here.

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