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EPoSS Annual Forum 2008 Summary

Highlights of the EPoSS Annual Forum 2008 held on 1-2 October.

This year’s Annual Forum of the European Technology Platform EPoSS laid its main emphasis on the “Public Private Partnership” – initiative. The successful conference took place in Juan-les-Pins on 1-2 October in parallel to the French EU Council Presidency and attracted more than 120 participants from industry, research, national ministries of the member states as well as distinguished representatives of the European Commission. One focal point for future activities was the update of the Strategic Research Agenda and the preparation of the implementation plan for the “Joint Technology Initiative” EPoSS.

 The introductory speech was held by EPoSS chairman Dr. Klaus Schymanietz, who emphasised the relevance of Smart Systems technologies in a world where an exponential growth of the microsystems’ market is expected.

 The general objectives of EPoSS were underlined as well, e.g. the aim to create a basis for the sustainable representation of industry interests in the European R&D policy context. Furthermore, the definition of a future path from Microsystems Technologies towards Integrated Systems will be assumed thanks to an industry-guided community. Therefore, an increase in the existing EU and national budgets for Smart Systems research and the setting-up of new complementary programme models beyond the EU framework have to be taken into account.

Furthermore, the Working Group leaders reported on the manifold activities carried out in their respective application fields. A lot of progress has especially been made in fields such as the “Internet of Things”, “Electric Mobility” or “Medical Engineering”. The developments in the Internet of Things area were reflected in a policy paper, resulting from a workshop jointly organised with the European Commission in February. A consolidated strategy paper about future trends and visions related to Smart Systems for the Electric Vehicle was a further achievement of the working group responsible for this area

On the second day, Augusto de Albuquerque, representing the European Commission, pointed out in his opening remarks that energy efficiency is seen as a major economic and societal challenge in the ICT field. He also asserted that “EPoSS contributes to the visibility of the essential role of components and subsystems technologies, and it is expected to continue doing so in the future”.

Complimentary to the conference, the EPoSS Showcase took place for the first time, exemplifying hands-on experience with some samples of Smart Systems and their components that were provided by EPoSS members. It is part of the activities of EPoSS to foster the understanding for the relevance and the opportunities of the innovative technologies discussed.

Keynote speakers:

  • Dr. Klaus Schymanietz, EPoSS chairman
  • Dr. Augusto de Albuquerque (EU-Commission)
  • Dr. Günter Lugert (Siemens)
  • Several industry representatives as speakers of the EPoSS sessions
Chaired by Reinhard Neul (Bosch), Eliav Haskal (Philips), and Alessandro Bassi (Hitachi), the speaker sessions offered an overview of the activities of the EPoSS Working Groups.
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