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EPoSS Annual Forum 2012 - Poster Exhibition

This year, participants have the opportunity to exhibit a poster illustrating a project, product or technology, using the exhibition as a targeted dissemination activity in the case of funded research projects, to attract partners for new projects, and as a showcase for innovative products and technologies that should interest and stimulate the Smart Systems community.

All posters will be published in the conference documentation, as long as the title and a PDF version of the poster are sent to the EPoSS Office by 2nd September 2012.

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The poster exhibition is open to all participants throughout the 3-day event. Sufficient time will be allocated for visiting the poster exhibition on all three days. Additionally, dedicated slots for specialist tours of the poster exhibition are foreseen, during which each poster will be presented in detail.

The fee for exhibiting and presenting a poster is 400 EUR.
Posters should be in A0 portrait format and need to be printed and delivered to the venue on 26th September 2012.

To register your poster for the exhibition, please go >>here


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