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Programme of the EPoSS General Assembly, Annual Forum and Proposers' Day 2011

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1st Day
Wednesday, 5 October 2011
EPoSS General Assembly 2011

EPoSS Steering Group Meeting and Kick-Off Meeting of the FP7 Coordination Action IRISS  (Room: Gamma)
(For Steering Group members and IRISS project partners only)
Working Lunch
(For EPoSS Steering Group and EPoSS High-level Group only)
Registration & Welcome Coffee
EPoSS General Assembly 2011 (Room: Àgora)
Chair: Carmelo Papa, STMicroelectronics, Switzerland
EPoSS Chairman
Reporting on the platform’s activities, operational and financial issues, overview on the structure and activities of the EPoSS Working Groups, and a presentation of future strategies and priority areas
(for EPoSS members and all those who intend to become a member)
End of EPoSS General Assembly 2011
(Coffee and snacks will be served)
Parallel EPoSS Working Group Meetings
  • Joint meeting of the EPoSS WG Medical Technologies and the ETP Nanomedicine WG Diagnostics (Room: Àgora)
  • Meeting of the EPoSS WG Automotive (Room: Alfa)
  • Meeting of the EPoSS WG Communications for Smart Devices (Room: Beta)
  • Strategy meeting on Smart Systems for Manufacturing & Robotics (For EPoSS members or upon special invitation) (Room: Gamma)
Shuttle Bus to Dinner Event
Dinner Event
Restaurante Xup Xup
Paseo Marítimo de la Barceloneta
+34 932 24 03 53

2nd Day
Thursday, 6 October 2011
EPoSS Annual Forum 2011 "Towards Smart Systems Products"
Room: Àgora

08:30h Registration & Welcome Coffee
09:00h Opening of the Annual Forum & Keynote Speeches
Chair: Carmelo Papa, EPoSS Chairman, Executive Vice President, Industrial & Multisegment General Manager, STMicroelectronics, Switzerland
  • Carmelo Papa, STMicroelectronics, Switzerland
    EPoSS Chairman
    Welcome Address
  • Xavier Ferràs, Director of Business Innovation Centre of ACC1Ó, Spain
    Opening Address
  • María Angeles Ferre, Spanish Ministry of Innovation, Spain
    Opening Address
  • Vicenç Aguilera, Business Development General Manager, FICOSA, Spain
    Smart Systems at FICOSA - New IDNEO Initiative
  • Ken Sakamura, YRP Ubiquitous Networking Laboratory, Japan
    Advanced Platform for the Next Generation Smart Systems - TRON Project
  • Jesús Ruano, Principal Researcher, IKERLAN-IK4, Spain
    Why Do We Keep Trying to Climb a Lab-on-a-Chip Mountain from the North Face?
  • Dirk Beernaert, Head of Unit G2 "Micro and Nanosystems",
    European Commission, Information Society and Media DG, Belgium
    A European Strategy for Smart, Sustainable and Inclusive Growth "Planning the Future Programme for R&D&I - Horizon 2020 - or How R&D&I in ICT, Miniaturisation and Smart Systems meet the Future Economic and Societal Challenges"
  • Peter Friess, EC Coordinator Internet of Things European Research Cluster, European Commission DG INFSO/D4, Belgium
    IOT Leadership and Social responsibility
Coffee Break
Session 1: Applied Micro-Nano-Bio Systems
Chair: Renzo Dal Molin, Sorin, France
Chairman of the EPoSS Working Group Medical Technologies
  • Stephen Dunne, Director of Neuroscience Research,
    Starlab, Spain
    Enobio aBCI - Smart Systems that Know How You Feel

  • Marc Desmulliez, Head of MIcrosystems Engineering Centre (MISEC), Heriot-Watt University, United Kingdom
    Integration of Electronics with Ultrasonic Sensing
  • Thomas Otto, Deputy Director of Fraunhofer ENAS, Germany
    Micro and Nano Systems for Biomedical and Environmental Applications
  • Jon Ajuria Arregi, Department of Microsystems, IKERLAN-IK4, Spain
    Organic and Hybrid Optoelectronic Devices for Integration in Smart Microsystems
12:30h Lunch
13:30h Session 2: Market applications for Smart Systems: Fully Electric Vehicles, Health & Medical, Wearable Technology, Mobile Devices, Wireless Communications
Chair: Günter Lugert, Siemens AG, Germany
Chairman of the EPoSS Executive Committee
  • Martin Steinau, Division Powertrain - Business Unit Transmission - Competence Center Materials and Packaging, Continental Nuremberg, Germany
    New Concepts for System Integration in Smart Battery Management Systems and Transmission Control Units
  • Odette Valentine, School of Engineering and Design, Brunel University London, United Kingdom
    Soft-wear: Identifying Meaningful Design Spaces for Wearable Technology
  • Jaume Esteve, Research Professor, Centro Nacional de Microelectrónica – CSIC, Campus UAB, Spain
    Smart Tactile Tablets for the Visually Impaired
  • Sywert Brongersma, Sr. Principal Scientist, Holst Centre / imec the Netherlands, The Netherlands
    Towards a Miniaturized Micromechanical Electronic Nose
  • Francis Mullany, Technical Manager, Bell Labs Ireland, Alcatel-Lucent, Ireland
    Alcatel-Lucent's lightRadio Cube - Smart Systems Technology for Wireless Communications
Coffee Break
15:15h  Session 3: Smart Systems and Manufacturing
Chair: Marc Desmulliez, Heriot-Watt University MIcroSystems Engineering Centre, United Kingdom
  • Michael Scholles, Head of Business Development & Strategy, Fraunhofer IPMS, Germany
    Photonic Smart Systems: New Opportunities for Smart Systems Integration
  • Nicolas Chaillet, Deputy Director of the FEMTO-ST, Professor at the University of Franche-Comté, France
    Towards Smart Systems - Two examples from the FEMTO-ST Institute: Microrobotic Gripper and MEMS Atomic Clock
  • Alex Dommann, Head of Microsystems Technology Division and CTO of the Centre Suisse d’Electronic et Microtechnique SA CSEM, Switzerland
    Reliability in Hermetic MEMS Wafer Level Packaging
  • Arndt Steinke, CiS Forschungsinstitut für Mikrosensorik und Photovoltaik GmbH, Germany
    Electric Power-free Smart Sensor Platform Based on Smart
    Sensitive Materials
  • Dag Andersson, Deputy Department Manager of Materials Applications, Group Manager of Electronic Packaging and Reliability, Swerea IVF, Sweden
    Battery Activities at Swerea IVF
End of Annual Forum
Opportunity for Networking & Bilateral Discussion

(Coffee and snacks will be served)
Parallel Meetings
  • EPoSS Key Technologies Working Group Meeting and Kick-Off Meeting of the new EPoSS WG Applied MNBS (Room: Àgora)
  • Site Visit at Starlab
  • Guided Tour of CosmoCaixa Science Museum
Reception at Starlab


3rd Day
Friday, 7 October 2011
EPoSS Proposers' Day 2011
Room: Àgora

08:30h Registration & Welcome Coffee
09:00h Plenary Session
Chair: Günter Lugert, Siemens AG, Germany
Chairman of the EPoSS Executive Committee
  • Henri Rajbenbach, European Commission DG INFSO/G2, Belgium
    Smart Systems Integration: Strategies for 2014-2020 - Funding Opportunities of Today
  • Wolfgang Geßner, Head of EPoSS Office, VDI/VDE Innovation+Technik GmbH, Germany
    EPoSS in FP7 and Beyond - Results & Outlook
  • Jean-Luc Maté, EURIPIDES Chairman, VP Continental  Automotive France
    Funding Opportunities in EURIPIDES & Overview of the Cluster Programme
  • Andreea Gulacsi, Unit Manager Research Integration, European Committee for Standardization, Belgium
    Standardization Support to Research Projects
10:00h Brokerage Session 1:
Smart Systems Integration in ICT Work Programme
Challenge 3, Objective 3.2: Smart Components and Smart Systems Integration
Chair: Jesús Ruano, IKERLAN-IK4, Spain
Chairman of the EPoSS Applied MNBS Working Group
  • Jesús Ruano, IKERLAN-IK4, Spain
    Call for Expressions of Interest (EoI) of Companies in a New MNBS IKERLAN-IK4 Proposal (ikerLAB EoI)
  • Aykutlu Dana, UNAM Institute of Materials Science and Nanotechnology, Bilkent University, Turkey
    High-performance and Low Cost Disposable Label-free Biomolecular Array Sensing for Point-of-Care Applications
  • Arndt Steinke, CiS Forschungsinstitut für Mikrosensorik und Photovoltaik GmbH, Germany
    Miniaturised Kit for Detecting Waterborne Pathogens (Mini-Dec)
  • Anders Rydberg, Uppsala University, Angstrom Laboratory, Sweden
    1) Stretchable and Wireless Interface for Biomedical Sensors (BIOSFLEX)
    2) Wireless Body Area Network (WBAN) Systems for Personal Monitoring and Biomedical Regulation
  • Thomas Otto, Fraunhofer ENAS, Germany
    Sample Preparation for PoC Devices (SaPoC)
  • Marc Desmulliez, MIcrosystems Engineering Centre (MISEC), Heriot-Watt University, United Kingdom
    The e&i Bike: An Example of Smart Integration of Sensors
  • Roberto Zafalon, STMicroelectronics, Italy
    FABLER: Fully Automatic LAB on Chip, for Oncological Diagnostics Based on Polysomal mRNA
  • Dirk Lehmhus, ISIS Sensorial Materials Scientific Centre, Germany
    Fiber and Integrated Optics Components for Biological, Chemical and Physical Sensing
  • Anthony Walton, Scottish Microelectronics Centre SMC, United Kingdom
    Flexible Digital Microfluidic Microsystems (FlexDMF)
Coffee & Networking
Brokerage Session 2:
Smart Systems Integration in ICT Work Programme
Challenge 6: ICT for a Low-Carbon Economy

Smart Systems Integration in ICT Work Programme
Challenge 7: ICT for the Enterprise and Manufacturing

Smart Systems Integration in other Challenges and Objectives of the ICT Work Programme

Smart Systems Integration in other Work Programmes

Chair: Pietro Perlo, Interactive Fully Electrical Vehicles, Italy
Chairman of the EPoSS Automotive Working Group
Lunch & Networking
13:45h COWIN Tutorial
Wrap-up of the Day
16:00h End of EPoSS Proposers' Day 2011


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