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On 13 October we invite all participants to join our social event consisting of a tour through Otranto as well as a dinner at Augustus Resort.

Tour through Otranto

Otranto, “the door to East”, is one of the most famous gems of the Salento coast: this little town facing the Adriatic sea lies on the most oriental point of Italy. Our walking tour will lead us through the ancient part of the town which lies within fortified walls facing the wonderful sea that boasts transparent water. The Cathedral of Otranto represents the biggest Romanesque building of Apulia and was built in 1080: inside it you will be able to admire the biggest mosaic of the world where you can admire images from the Old Testament, as well as figures from Breton legends and mythological symbols. Inside the cathedral you can see the skulls and bones of the 800 martyrs who were killed by the Turks in 1480 because they refused to be converted to the Islamic religion.

Duration: approx. 2 hours


Social Dinner

After the tour through Otranto EPoSS will host a social dinner at the Augustus Resort in Santa Cesarea Terme.



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