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ECSEL Declaration of Acceptance (DoA) for non-EPoSS members

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Agreement for payment of the project Variable Fee for ECSEL participation.

ECSEL project partners that are not a member of the EPoSS Association are invited by the Association to become member which given the membership benefits is the ideal choice. By joining EPoSS the member agrees to pay the Membership Fee and the Variable Fee in case of participating in ECSEL.

However, for the project partners that do not wish to become an EPoSS member an alternative has been created to only contribute the Variable Fee: the 'Declaration of Acceptance' (DoA). By voluntarily signing a DoA an ECSEL project partner pays the same Variable Fee as the EPoSS members.

Without the Variable Fee EPoSS would not be able to finance its part in the ECSEL Joint Undertaking. Consequently the ECSEL Joint Undertaking - together with the funded projects - would not continue. It is therefore kindly expected of all companies, institutes and universities participating in a Smart Systems project to pay their Variable Fee.

To ensure that the contribution is shared fairly by all partners we encourage you to ensure that all non-member partners in your project sign the DoA.

Please note:

  • by becoming an EPoSS member you will not need to sign a DoA
  • by signing a DoA you are not (yet) member of EPoSS
  • to become a member you need to sign a membership application form


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