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EPoSS Structure 2012

A number of expert Working Groups have been created as the operational elements in EPoSS. Each working group is chaired by an industry representative and involves representatives of idustry, public research, and universities, which are deeply involved in the targeted field of the respective working group. Each group develops a long-term vision and implements corresponding roadmaps.


The chairpersons of the EPoSS Working Groups form the Executive Committee of EPoSS, which is chaired by a particularly dedicated industry representative. This Chairperson of the Executive Committe is at the same time the Chairperson of the EPoSS Steering Group.

The Steering Group was set up to deal with all strategic and cross-sectorial issues. Such cross-sectorial issues include securing the necessary financial and human resources, initiating development of adequate education and training structures as well as issues of standardisation. A specific task deals with strategies, methodologies, and measures for a faster and more effective implementation of research results and new technologies into product applications, process modernisation, and organisational innovation. This group also provides an operational link to the European Commission, other public authorities, and to the working groups, with the aim of establishing an innovation framework in Smart Systems integration for companies in Europe.

Above this operational structure, a High Level Group (HLG) is guiding the overall strategic development of the Technology Platform. The HLG consists of the Chairperson of EPoSS,  who also chairs the HLG, and the Vice-Chairpersons. The members of the HLG are senior industry representatives. The HLG provides the link to the European Commission and to other thematically related European Technology Platforms.

The work of the platform is supported by the EPoSS Office.

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