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The CEPoSS Methodology

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In order to achieve the objectives that were set for CEPoSS the project activities are structured into corresponding work packages. CEPoSS involves four main operational activities, each constituting a work package.The methodology consists of a logical and chronological procedure.

CEPoSS Work Package Structure and Workflow

The starting point is the assessment and re-elaboration of the Smart Systems roadmap, including recommendations for R&D. These conceptional activities are to be considered the basis for all following activities. The development and adjustment of the EPoSS Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) will be carried out in view of the subsequent activities (WP 2). They are also the basis for interaction with and advice of national ministries and the European Commission. Of primary importance is the SRA’s input to the debate on public private partnership models (WP 3) and the implementation of R&D priorities by pilot actions (WP 4), which might address specific needs in specific sectors and be carried out in variable configurations of organisations and member states. Further sustaining activities which go beyond R&D (WP5) will also base upon the strategic priorities previously defined. Of course, the strategic process and the operational implementation of the SRA can be considered as a revolving process, within which concrete actions and the subsequent findings may have strong repercussions on the strategy.

Supportive work packages in order to ensure the efficiency of CEPoSS consist of management activities which are related to the fulfilment of the contractual obligations (WP 0), network co-ordination and infrastructure activities (WP 1) as well as dissemination and external networking (WP6).

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