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The CEPoSS Rationale

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European industry leads the world in microsystems technologies and related advanced technologies. Highly integrated products ensure Europe’s global competitiveness. European industry and public research structures demonstrate high competence and competitiveness in the various segments of micro- and nanotechnology (MNT), a diversified and internationally competitive industrial landscape over the whole span of the value chain, and a solid scientific basis. Significant public investments have been made over the last years.

Future innovations and market success will depend on intensifying developments and infrastructure investments in the field of miniaturised integrated systems. New technologies such as nanotechnology will reinforce this trend.

However, compared with the USA and Japan, the sector remains highly dispersed and fragmented in Europe and exploitation in innovative products lacks behind. 

There is a need for a concerted European approach in Smart Systems Technologies in order for Europe to exploit the existing potential and to increase its share in the world market for smart- and microsystems.


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