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The CEPoSS Objectives

Up one level

CEPoSS builds upon the achievements and structures of EPoSS, the European Technology Platform on Smart Systems Integration. It intends to put into practice the concepts and strategies of EPoSS.

In that context CEPoSS launches additional activities leading to concrete new actions at implementation level aiming at coordinating better European R&D efforts and mobilising personnel and financial resources.

At operational level CEPoSS will:

CEPoSS Public Private Partnership
  • develop a new public-private partnership model assessing the possibilities offered by Article 169 or 171 of the EU Treaty or similar possibilities,
  • (re-)define research and development priorities, timeframes and action plans, and re-engineer its Strategic Research Agenda,
  • provide recommendations to policy makers,
  • launch bi- and multilateral pilot initiatives among member states and companies,
  • motivate High-Tech SMEs to participate in the EPoSS activities,
  • support European and national entities in increasing political awareness and intensifying activities related to the potential of new smart systems devices.

To carry out these activities CEPoSS provides a framework for the stakeholders involved, including the necessary infrastructures and organisational backbone for these activities.

CEPoSS activities will also lead to the consolidation of the EPoSS network producing a significant impact on the development of technologies and innovation matters. CEPoSS will provide the necessary resources and commitments in order to move with EPoSS from the conceptional phase to implementation.

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