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Relation between CEPoSS and EPoSS

Up one level

As described in its objectives CEPoSS supports EPoSS, the European Technology Platform on Smart Systems Integration. It therefore is embedded into the structure of EPoSS.

The activities of CEPOSS will be carried out by a sub-group of the EPoSS platform members. All activities will be discussed within the EPoSS structures. The EPoSS Steering Group and High Level Group will actively participate in the decision making.

The CEPoSS consortium is composed of the EPoSS Executive Committee members - plus further EPoSS members.

The Executive Group within EPoSS – including working group leaders and other stakeholders - is the entity providing general guidelines for the Strategic Research Agenda and preparing decisions on activities to be carried out.

CEPoSS embedded into the context of EPoSS

In carrying out its activities CEPoSS can rely on the input of the EPoSS Working Groups – all EPoSS Working Groups are represented in CEPoSS – and on the collaboration with the EPoSS Steering Group. The EPoSS Steering Group is mainly composed of representatives of the EPoSS founding members.

The CEPoSS partners will also closely work together with the EPoSS Mirror Group representatives and the Scientific Advisory Board. This is indispensable for both the strategy processes (WP2) and possible public-private partnership initiatives (WP3). As these two activities are to be considered the core elements of CEPoSS the Chairman of the EPoSS Executive Committee will lead WP 2 (Strategy) and the EPoSS Chairman will preside WP 3 (Public Private Partnership).

In order to facilitate the communication with high-level persons in the national and European administrations the High Level Group members of EPOSS will be involved whenever necessary.

Being allocated within the context of EPoSS all EPoSS members will be motivated to contribute. More than that: all European companies that act as technology providers, system integrators or applicants as well as public and private research institutes are invited to participate and to benefit from CEPoSS.

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